About Us

Hi errbody!

We Ubaid, Ayra and I (Maryam) together make The real ullahs. we moved from Lahore and have been living in Sharjah for about 1.5years now. The reason behind this move was work off course. Alhumdulilah you all and UAE didn’t disappoint us.

Ayra & Family

So a lot of you must be wondering who we are. Well, most of your questions will be answered in my this POST though, but it’s fine I’ll tell you guys a bit about us here as well.

Social media enthusiasts, photographers, and videographer as we like to call ourselves.  Making our living out of this business. Those of you who  have met our daughter Ayra can tell the reason behind my absence on blogging (of course my laziness and procrastinating nature is the first reason but I like to use Ayra as my excuse :P)

we first came up with the idea of writing a blog when I was pregnant with Ayra and had  the time of the world on my hands. Even though I was/am in love with its name Majestic daily life. It’s my hashtag on insta too guys btw, but I lost it to my laziness despite many promises that I made with you all . I’m sorry for that guys; InshaAllah, this time, it will be better.

So, this time, we have made a joint blog . it was Ubaid’s idea and kind of a trap for me so I won’t give up on it very easily. He has pushed me to my limits to write this stuff and he kind of succeeded in it as well (hate to admit that but oh well…)

p.s. check the video Ubaid made for our intro