Brunching at Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa


Hello err body!!
Hope you’re all well and doing the best. After a lot of persuasion, I’ve finally managed to get Ubaid to start the blog again (Oh you don’t want to know how I did it but I did) it was such a struggle and do you know he got this article? I WhatsApped this to him like a hundred times. annoyed him until he gave in :D.
Anyway, I was even ready to send him a questionnaire to make it even easier for him to decline my offers for the blog but thank god he saved me that trouble (it would’ve been fun though, don’t you think)?

Any way as a lot of you saw on my Insta stories, snapchat and Youtube that we went to this amazing Easter brunch last week at Fujairah Rotana. I soooo wanted to show you guys around and make you jealous until you give in and book it, though now it might be a little hot to go there.
I am no food expert or even food blogger so I won’t get in details and praise the crispness of onions or the color of water or how smooth the crème brûlée was, I will directly show you the spread that their staff had prepared at this little garden themed brunch. BTW the 2-hour drive from Dubai to Fujairah is so worth especially as you start seeing the ocean on your left.

And desserts were another story altogether. I am not a huge fan of desserts and ate only fresh fruits but the rumor has it that the desserts were Divine with a capital D.

Until last year, we used to take a lot of road trips like these and staycations to reconnect with each other and sort of detox from social media and social life for at least 2 days which used to do wonders for us. Then Ubaid started working a 9-5 job so the holidays got limited and so did the road trips which is why it felt so great to be back on road trippin’ with ubaids torturous playlist. But is there even a thing that we women cant live through?? 😀

Heres a short vlog that we made, so sad I couldn’t show much around as Ayra was too eager to go the kids clubs for acitivites but nonetheless it was as always a pleasure

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