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Recently the top 10 videos showed up in rewind and it was quite disappointing to see that they were mostly music videos and no content maker made it to the list so in response to that I thought why not just talk about content in general.

I have been creating videos since ages but when I was in Pakistan we didn’t really have the privilege of Youtube and wasn’t really aware of the type of content being uploaded worldwide. When I moved to UAE, I decided to start with youtube but was too focused on making videos for brands and other people that really didn’t bother in making content for myself. But a couple of months back I had enough of it and started creating whatever I felt like with my wife and daughter, the power of youtube is definitely there.

Now considering the fact that Youtube Pakistan has recently launched, was able to discover a lot of people who were creating content (though not consistently) but there are lots of them. Even after having a long list was saddened to see that their reach was very low and to cut all the drama short I though why not just post a list of Pakistani YouTubers (some in Pakistan and some living elsewhere) who are creating content but before I post that, everyone needs to understand that Facebook is still the most prominent digital platform we Pakistanis use and the people who are posting on youtube might be interesting for some of you and maybe they won’t be, the point here is that am glad that people are creating content and that is what matters; so here’s a list of few YouTubers who are Pakistanis:

Family / Couple

Fictionally Flawless

The Real Ullahs

Make Up & Fashion

Annam Ahmad

Aisha Chaudhri

Yasmin Karimi


Mahyne Believes

Beauty With Hafsi


Noor Unnahar

Areeba Siddique

Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

The Law Student Diary




Hamza Butt


Anushae Khan

Sarah Zahid

Hisham Al Hadi

Ammar Siddiqui

Ahmed & Wajeeh

Hassan Khan Vlogs

Sham Idrees Vlogs

 Sanah and Malaikah

Noorullain J

Miss Mehak

Zaid Ali T Vlogs

Shahveer Jaffery

Sherry Vlogs


Waqar Malik

Lord Aleem

Az’s Vlogs

Yasir Vlogs

Aqsa Pervaiz

Hstar Vlogs

Eesa Vlogs


Taimoor Salahuddin 

Lame Brown Dude

Rahim Pardesi

Faiza Saleem

Desi Bombshell

Junaid Akram

Zaid Ali T

Karachi Vynz

Browngirl Problemz



Abdul Wali

Abeer Khan

This list doesn’t clearly define how many Pakistani Youtubers are actually present but just a small summary,  would love if you people can contribute to update the list. And out of the list, is our main youtube channel for those who do not know.

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