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Guys guys guys!! Two weeks back this schengen visa application form gave me more stress than Ayra’s appetite. Can you believe it?
Not like it was something too difficult, but there were a couple of things which confuse you so much specially if you’re a house wife and filling it with the bank statement of your husband.
And in my case it was a little bit more twisted since ubaid and I were traveling on different flights.
Had there been no Dubai based Facebook group for expat ladies, I would’ve never been able to fill out the forms properly. Even though my googling abilities are one of my skills that I flaunt. But still was unable to guess what I should write in those boxes.
Any way!! Without further ado here’s a sample form that I filled. You can see what I wrote in each box. Also I’ll tell the documents myself too even though the list is on the website and also you have to submit a check list with each application. Anyway. Here it is firstly Ubaid’s form had to hide personal details

Schengen Visa form for house wives
Schengen Visa form for house wives

Now my form is below, actually second part of the form

Schengen Visa form for house wives

The major difference between his and my form is that the cost of travelling etc you have to write that your husband is sponsoring, so that you don’t really have to make separate bookings for hotels etc. Lastly sharing the checklist and explaining you in detail what you have to do with each option

Schengen Visa checklist
  1. Fill out the form as above (obviously with your own details)
  2. Keep your original passport
  3. Copy of visa page (for people living in Pakistan, you don’t need this)
  4. Passport photo, it is advisable that you take a recent picture so they don’t find any reason to object and if you’re taking a recent picture tell the photographer that you need it for schengen visa. Every visa type has different requirements for passport sized pictures. 
  5. Travel plans in which you have to show your tickets, if you are the panicking sort then just get a dummy ticket but we usually recommend getting a proper ticket because booking in advance will always be cheaper
  6. For us this was the Dubai visa, for people who are heading back to Pakistan you don’t need any such thing.
  7. Health insurance (make sure you attach the complete health insurance file) we usually get it done from RSA it is just a 5 minute process and everything is done online.
  8. For people who are getting Schengen for the first time this is very important, you can show your employment letter, papers of your house or rental document of your house. Or a document which shows that your family is here and you will return back. Since Ubaid has a company here so we show his trade license.
  9. Hotel reservations are very important, we usually book with since it is a reliable website but always book the refundable ones since you might change your plans. Along with that 3 months bank statement is important, don’t go for the online version. Go to the bank and ask for a stamped bank statement. For house wives you don’t need this, you can just attach your husbands bank statement.
  10. Keep visa fee in cash, for all three of us (me, Ubaid & Ayra) it costed 545 AED

Additional documents for Ayra
– Birth certificate (in English)
– Copy of Emirates Id (for people living in Pakistan, a copy of the national identity card of both the parents)
– A consent form, if you are traveling without your husband signed by your husband which gives the permission to you to travel with the baby (make sure you keep three copies of that with you, you will be asked for it at the airport)


If you have any more questions just leave in the comment and I promise I will take out time to help each and everyone of you and not to forget here’s the struggle video before our journey started.

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  1. About the consent letter, is it just hand written n signed on any random paper or is it something official, stamped or attested?

    1. The consent letter needs to be downloaded from the visa application website as well. So it includes every single detail that which countries you are visiting, how long you are staying and the flight number.

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