I have realised the fact that these days everyone aspires to travel; if you see those featured articles on travel or see some travel bloggers Instagram feed all you do is wish that you would be in their place, but for common people like us the biggest problem we face is budgets and how to get holidays from work.

Me & Maryam were helping our friend out finalizing his honeymoon plans and all the options were like typical plus concern for the budget. Being a little fortunate in this concern that my work allows me to travel a lot we thought that let’s just do a series of post for you guys in which we can talk about budget traveling. Yes, we know it is not anything new but I failed to find people or blogs who could give us insights about different places in regards to getting visas (a Pakistani problem), budget friendly places, places to go without the need of backpacking, places which are family friendly, do’s and don’t of traveling with a baby, halal places to eat while you travel. To get all this information every single time we had to visit 10-15 websites plus read through them to get the required data; after like going through them once we were convinced that no way this is helpful especially being me I like seeing videos of places to be inspired. So we decided we will be the volunteers who will make videos of places which target all this (no am not dedicating my life to this).

Introducing Smells Like Ghareeb our small initiative to help everyone find the right places to travel; for the first video we have Haji Lane which is located in Singapore and 6 budget-friendly things you can do over there.


By the way, keep following this space as we would be revealing our big travel plans tomorrow on the blog and yes that will involve lots and lots of videos.

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