Weekly Vlogging


The beautiful thing about growth is the ability to see our changes. In midst of all the chaos of life and motherhood, I still somehow manage a blog post every once in a blue moon. That’s my love for you guys which is so less as compared to what you shower on me. Anyway, a few weeks back it occurred to me that it might be less time consuming and wouldn’t need that much of dedicated attention if I start Vlogging. As all you moms can relate to it that firstly you hardly get time to actually sit and work, and once you manage to put the baby to sleep at night you’re too tired to work or have already 10 things lined up to take care of… So I made a vlog that had the highlights of last week. Let me know if you guys liked it or not and how cool are you with the idea of vlog? Lastly should I upload Vlogs on Facebook or should I keep them exclusive for Youtube? I will still try to put up some nice post for you girlies so don’t worry about that.
-Virtual hugs and kisses to all the strong mommas out there who took out 5 min of their lives to read my lame post. You are my SHEROS!!!!!

(For the starters please watch this our weekly vlog).

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