Things To Do On A Staycation in Deira


Today am going to tell you all things to do when you’re on a staycation in or around the old city of Dubai, but first, watch this video (like always)

There’s a lot of stress in the life of a toddler’s parents. With every day a new phase like separation anxiety, fighting bedtime, exploration of surroundings, toddling around the house which requires a lot of supervision and running behind them. It all gets really stressful when you have to run errands and meet deadlines (nope, not me. missing all my deadlines these days. Damn!)

A couple of days back while at a staycation in Alghurair Rotana- Arjaan we thought to ourselves that damn! this is just the second holiday (of two days only) where we are ACTUALLY doing nothing. Otherwise, Ubaid is such a workaholic he took his laptop to our second anniversary Excursion in Fujairah and actually worked for good 6 hours. Yup!

This time around we just needed a mid-year breather before the season hits and smack us right in our faces. Here’s a list I made of little things you can do with you family if you’re staying in or around the city of Dubai.

1- We are not room service or eating in bed kind of people so we always prefer going to the in-house restaurants and check out what they have to offer. Alghurair had dope ass breakfast and to our surprise, it was loaded with both, people and food variety.


2- Gaze outside the window and absorb the city without the noise coming in. I found it so so peaceful. Watched sunsets and sunrise sitting in a big window that was in our living room.


3- A well-deserved spa treatment is a MUST. if you have someone to look after your baby then go for a couple massage otherwise, you and Mr can take turns too.


4- The weather is getting better and better each day so a dip in the pool can also add some value to your stay. Kids LOVE splashing in the water so don’t forget to pack floaters and swimming costumes with you.


5- Deira has really happening and raw streets. We love exploring the neighborhood whenever we are globetrotting. So if you also share the same love, you MUSTTTTT see around.


6- Nearby malls can give you such sakoon that no spa can give you. Yes! retail therapy. Or maybe if you don’t have that keera, you can also have different, easy on pocket food at the mall. This way you won’t have to worry about the cranky baby throwing tantrums and cutlery as hotels have dim and quiet fine dining restaurants and this can get very embarrassing  (personal experience man) but still one thing we love about Rotana’s hospitality is that they make things for us which we feel like eating even at late hours


7- Like almost every mother I also crave for bubble baths which I rarely get a chance at home. So you can also make most of your staycation let your husband and baby play in the room and enjoy a peaceful bubble bath, especially with bath salts.


8- Nothing can refuel my energy like good food do. At Alghurair they have really nice restaurants that offer crazy delicious and good looking food. If you don’t believe me then here’s a pictures of the food we ordered at Shayan- Their Persian Lebanese restaurant.


9- When in Arab-istan, do like the Arabs do. Yea I’m talking about the Arabic desserts. I don’t have a sweet tooth but these fancy looking desserts will surely make a way to your heart. You can find them in all Arabic restaurants though but we always have them from Shayan Restaurant.


10- Now when you’re done with all the eating and strolling through the streets. Just take a break from all electronic devices and social media for a bit and steal some cuddles in the bed from your little ones while they’re still little. Once they grow up, I’m sure we’ll be begging them for a kiss and a hug <3



*all pictures are shot and edited by Ubaid and me; would be great if they aren’t used without our permission*

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