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It’s so nice to see your old friends transform into such humans who are considerate, sensitive towards others and trying to make positive changes in the world around them. For me, There’s nothing more attractive in a person than compassion, modesty and tolerance.

Few weeks ago I was scrolling through my newsfeed and saw a friend Usman Bhatti sharing a really good initiative that he has started with a couple of other friends where he feeds homeless, labourers, beggars etc. Trust me, I couldn’t have been more prouder. That moment I thought, dude this I’m gonna share with y’all. In order to do that, I had to do a bit of research. So I got in touch with him and asked a couple of questions. Here’s what he had to say.


Me: start from the beginning. How did it all start.

Usman: Insaan Dosti is 23 weeks old now. It started when once we were sitting in a local eatery in Isb when an old man came up to us and asked for some left overs. We thought why not just buy him a couple of packs of rice for his family too. And the happiness in his eyes made us think that Alhumdulilah Allah has blessed us and has given us enough power to feed one or two hungry mouths then be it. There isnothing  big or small, I remember we started by handing out 3-4 packs of savour once or twice a month whenever we hungout and now see Alhamdolilah figures r good and weekly. We have made it a routine now and have named it Insan Dosti. (I’m gonna link the Facebook page for it in the end)

Me: a lot of Facebook jihadis might’ve come to you saying oh youre doing charity and putting up pictures on Facebook? How do you cope with them?

Usman: Well I mostly try to avoid because I once read:

In Chapter 2, verse 274 of the Quran, Allah says:

“Those who spend their money in the night and in the day, secretly and openly, they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.” [Quran 2:274]

This verse means that we should give charity both in public and in private. While keeping the amount of charity given private, a person can publicly—avoiding invitations of praise—give charity, serving as a reminder for others to also give and setting an example for the community. But it is also important for the Muslim to give charity in private (or “in the cover of night”), to establish to themselves and to God that they are giving charity because Allah commands it, and because they seek His pleasure and to fulfill their charitable duty.

It happened to us the most during Ramadan when we were doing Ramadan campaign and uploading the pictures on Facebook in order to involve more people with us in this initiative. The whole Ramadan we worked day and night for our dastarkhan near I-10 bus stop despite all the name calling from people around.

Me: My readers are mostly students or housewives, or young graduates. How can they help people with whatever little they have.
Usman: For the students: they can buy one or two sandwiches extra once in a while for guards or peon. For housewives, Buying daily routine stuff from people on the streets instead of shopping malls because they arr not doing for profit making purpose but for meeting daily necessities.

Me: one last message for my readers please?

Usman: we can all start doing these small things very often in our own surroundings, even keeping a bag of candies for the kids on signals in the car makes much difference on their faces. they litrally smile even more on getting candies or such small stuff as compared to receiving money.

                                         The insaan Dosti Squad.

So that was a little chat that I had with my friend regarding his initiative in Isb. You can get in touch with them for further questions or to support their cause. Here’s the link to their Facebook page where they updates the progress.

Insaan Dosti

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