#KeepingUpWithAyra – Birthday Letter


Dear Ayra,

By the time you understand this post the world would be crueler and I have no idea what kind of understanding you will develop of this world, but I need to tell you that I am sorry.

I am sorry for not asking for your consent for involving you in a life which your mother and I choose for ourselves and made you a part of it, am sorry for making a hashtag which might be embarrassing and am sorry for making you vulnerable to all this hype which surround around your life.

But the things I want you to tell you today are what my parents didn’t teach me. They didn’t tell me that this world is cruel; it is full of people for whom the only thing that matters is money. By the time you grow up am not sure how the world will be but I don’t see anything improving. My parents never taught me how to deal with the maliciousness of the people, they didn’t teach me how to lie to get money, they failed to explain to me that no matter how much you trust people they will end up breaking it. But am grateful that they taught me how to respect, how to listen to my heart, how not to be money oriented and do the work which satisfies your inner soul, how to treat your elders and lastly they taught me not to give up on your rightful desires. Though you will be left with lesser options but I wish when you grow up you try to understand these points and follow them

  • I will always teach you the difference between right and wrong, but what you have to follow is all up to you. So yes you will be responsible for every reaction to the action you take.
  • This world worships money and power; I have seen kings fall and powerful people fail.
  • The most important word you need to learn is “NO”, do not do anything which you do not wish to.
  • If you fall I will be there to pick you up but will push you again; dependency is a curse. Learn to fight and stand on your own because there will be a time when am no longer there so before that time comes I want you to be strong.
  • Let your imaginations run wild and I will teach you the two most important things I know; skill to visualise your imaginations and the courage to say them out loud.
  • You are a Pakistani; when things get out of your hand it will always be your safe zone, never  go against it.
  • Respect; not only your parents or grandparents but try to give respect to every person you see even if he is working under you. You might find this amusing but this will always end up with you learning a thing or two from others.
  • The world is a race and you do not need to be a part of it, do things with your own pace. I will be cheering for you even if you are the last one to cross the finish line.
  • I do not expect good grades from you, the only thing I do expect is that you learn. In hardship, this learning would be a firefly guiding your actions.
  • Lastly, try to find solace in religion.

In the end; I just wish to say am sorry once again, because when you will ask us how we celebrated your first birthday our only answer would be by sharing some food with others.

You might get picked up in school by uptight kids who don’t even remember their lavish first birthday that their parents threw just so they could show their power but there will be a time when you will understand the motive and thought behind what and why we did this deed. This should also be a lesson for you, never go overboard showing off or trying to please others. But at the same time never miss a chance to share your happiness with people less privileged. Trust me whatever you will be celebrating would be doubled.

p.s. I don’t know about you but all this birthday talk makes me feel like having a nice chocolate cake *sigh*

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  1. Happy Birthday Ayra! 🙂 Congratulations to the parents!
    I wish Ayra a healthy , happy and a successful future and may you guys see all the happiness of your child. Ameen
    You guys did a great job. The video really made me cry , it was good to see the smiles on the people’s face with whom Ayra celebrated her first birthday. And yes you gave her the perfect advice which she will definitely understand . And thanks for the lovely idea and the love you spread. Love to Ayra. Stay blessed guys!

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