About car seats and child safety. 


So mommies!

Today with this very straight forward blog post I want to talk to you about a very very serious matter. We don’t usually realize the importance of something or someone until we lose them or see any accident that involves them up close.

Just last night we the real Ullahs were in a really serious car accident. Our car got totally smashed. Alhumdulilah Ayra and I got out without even a scratch but sadly Ubaid got hurt a bit. He’s fine too now but the shock is still there.

So for those few seconds in which I saw my whole life and world almost collapsing the only thing I could think or utter was Ubaid are you ok? Ayra are you ok. Luckily Ayra was in her car seat and I was with her in the back.

Here I want to admit that I’m one of those moms who can’t stand their kids crying no matter what or where and they just can’t help and take them in their lap. I also do that sometimes when Ayra gets really really fussy on busy roads, and just so Ubaid doesn’t get distracted by her crying I take her out of her car seat and put her in my lap or just loosen her buckles so she feels free.

A couple of days ago I was looking at her old pictures on my phone and came across a few pictures that I took in the car where her belts were so loose. And I thought what if there’s a really hard break? These loose belts will do no good so the very same day I tighten em all up and said k bus! Now they’ll stay like this.

Believe me, had I not done that, God forbid I cannot even imagine what could’ve happened. The impact was so strong that Ubaid is still unable to move one of his arms and my knee, let’s not go there. But Ayra was restrained properly so she didn’t move even a millimeter from her place Alhumdulilah.

Same goes for seat belts. They’re also as important as car seats. However, calm the traffic maybe. Or however short of the journey you’re taking. Incidents only take one second. And that can change your life forever. Never ever take your or child safety easy. If you’re safe, your family will be safe too.

We mothers often think k oh pass Mai he ja rahy hain Kia 10 min laga k bachon ko restraint kareen. Trust me! Those 10 mins that you’ll spend on your child safety might save you from a lifetime of regret. And I don’t have any shame in admitting that even last night I was having second thoughts of not keeping her in her car seat and just putting her in my lap.

But Allah has his ways.


  1. Idont know if you guys believe in the whole ‘ nazar lagna’ or not but as a precaution do give sadqa on a weekly basis, if you already dont. Also since you guys are doing so well and mashaAllah so happy whenever we see you, its pretty common even if someone doesn’t mean ill.
    Hope you are well and safe.
    keeping you in my prayers.

    1. Yes ABC. We do believe in nazar lagna and which is why we do sadka etc a lot as well. I think the way Allah has saved us might be because of the sadka too. Alhumdulilah

  2. Yaar. 🙁 Allah ka laakh shukar you guys got out of it safe. I hope Ubaid’s injuries are healed soon too.
    This must have been too damn scary for you guys! 🙁
    Sadqa zaroor dena!

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