How to waste your time (Mommy style)

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Here is a list of things that you can do to waste your time when you can actually get your mommy chores done around the house.

1- Just lay down with your  baby and praise the miracle of Allah.


2- While you’re on it take a couple of selfies while the baby is asleep and send it to your friends and family who I’m sure would be least interested

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3- Try alllll the Snapchat filters on your baby


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4- watch baby videos on Facebook/YouTube

5- Waste all your time by looking at old pictures and videos of your baby. Be awestruck and send them to your friends and family

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6- Start off by thinking that you’re making a poem playlist for your baby and end up watching funny videos until they wake up

7- clean those drawers that you haven’t cleaned in a year and you probably won’t need to open it for the next whole year

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8- Fix your nails

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9- Lay down on the sofa, stare into the wall and imagine your dream holiday with your baby and how you’re going to enjoy it so much

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10- Stalk the shit out of people and celebrity moms

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photo courtesy google

One of the mom I follow is Dina Torkia totally worth checking out.


This is how I waste my time, what about you guys?

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