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Hey fellow mommies
Hope you all are doing great and acing this motherhood thing. So one of my very good friends (the one who designed our new logo) is to travel from LA to LHR in November and told me how freaked out she was by the idea of traveling alone with a 7 months old alone on one of the world’s longest flights. And said she doesn’t have any idea where to start packing and what to pack. So that made me think that DAMN!!! I GOTTA HELP THIS MOMMY PACK HER BAG FOR THE FLIGHT AND REST OF THE STAY. So made a small video for you guys which will be helpful

Here’s the list of things that you’ll need:

1- A diaper bag off course
2- Change of clothes and a bib for the baby (preferably something full sleeves and covered legs if you’re packing it for a flight)
3- A change of clothes for yourself (if possible)
4- Diapers (depending on the length of your flight or the time that you’re going to be out)
5- Wipes + nappy rash cream + disposable changing sheets (they take up less space)
6- Toys
7- Spare pacifier (if your baby takes one)
8- Baby snacks (biscuits, cereal sticks, or fruit puff whatever you prefer)
9- Basic medication (for colic, teething gel, adol, moisturizing cream etc.)
10- Your wallet, mobile phone, battery pack and passport wallet if you’re packing up for flight
11- Your basic makeup stuff If you don’t want to look like a homeless wreck by the end of the day or when you land at your destination: D
12- If your baby is formula fed then definitely a feeder, formula and water bottle to make the feeder (I prefer these transparent bottles for better cleaning and I can also sterilize them in a regular feeder sterilizer 😀

Now my baby has lot her patience and is standing on my stomach so I ll leave now.




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