Things to do in Dragon Mart 2


Tourism season is about to hit Dubai and we are sure when you’ll be here you would definitely want to shop and take advantage of all the good shopping deals and discounts that are going around. What If we tell you a secret place for all the shopping solutions with AMAZING bargains and variety?

Yup, a few days back we went to Dragon mart 2 and it was no way like the old dragon mart. Not like old dragon mart is any bad, but in terms of size and precision, we liked this dragon mart 2 better. If you have a time constraint then definitely dragon mart2 is above the old one.

So we’ll quickly tell you a few things to do in dragon mart 2


Any sort of kids stuff, from toys to clothes, to swimming gear, to stationery, school items, furniture. Literally, everything kids related you ‘ll get here. LITERALLY. I MEAN IT.


They can even roam around freely with their new bought toys, enjoy hugging life-sized teddies and so on.


Like any other mall, you ‘ll off course get everything women fashion related but one thing different about it maybe the adult sized Disney or cartoon character costumes, Yup who wouldn’t mind those. Keep this in mind while shopping for Halloween.


If you’re a home décor stuff junkie but never really get time to hang or display the expensive stuff you’ve bought over the years and it hurts to see them in cartoons and eat dust then you MUST visit this mall from now. Inexpensive and beautiful like any other good branded store out there.


Such intricate hand-crafted stuff at such low prices at times makes you wonder what have you been doing with all of your money


We got these for an unbelievable price.  20 AED for all of these four letters (these are for 20 AED each at some reputed stores like typo and paperchase)

Photo 9-4-16, 1 12 49 PM

Fancy lights, chandeliers, pedestal lamps, lights with waterfalls or Turkish lamps, In short, every kind of lamps or lights you ‘ll find here at a very good price.


There’s a store for every kind of lights or lamps.


Authentic Chinese kites and decor


If you say you don’t want to hoard tech stuff then you’re about to eat your own words as soon as you enter. Such catchy yet cool gadgets and they make you cough up money. Like look at this thing, don’t you want to have one of this things at your bachelor pad?



You can thank me later for this and Yes I care about my lazy friends who don’t like reading all this, here’s a video for you guys so you can see the 10 things we want you to see at Dragon Mart 2

10 Things To See In Dragon Mart 2

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