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Why bore you all with a regular 122846 words blog post when you can narrate in a form of a poem. Like Ubaid mentioned in the status that something very cool is coming up on the blog. I don’t even think you guys are ready for that kind of coolness from us. But ever since we started our blog that was the theme that we had in our minds that we ll make it superhero-ish. Cuz it ain’t regular stuff. Izz it?? It took us quiet some time to actually get our mommy friend Ayesha Khalid (who’s link we ll mention in the end) to design this super cool logo and characters for us that show our true self.


Now presenting our very own Mr. Ubeee baba

Ubaid Hulk BG

Once there was a guy
In a far away land
Who loved photography
And used camera without a band

Quite an exhibitionist
About his art
Trying in the world
To win ones heart

Passion for success
Always brimming
And that’s how friends
He made life worth living

Hard outer
squishy inside
Loving Maryam and ayra
Keeping everything aside

| You can follow him on Instagram  & Snapchat using @UbaidUllahAhmed & on Twitter using @Ubeee |

This my friends is a cat monkey woman

Cat cuz meows and growls like a cat and monkey because she likes to hang her self from every possible thing. Corner of the bed, big water bottles, sofas,  stroller, tables and so on

Ayra CM BG

I taught my mama to clean up the room
To use a bucket and the broom
To let go of her social fame
And pick up all my toys and game

| You can follow her on instagram using #KeepingUpWithAyra |

Oooo (yup that’s what Ayra calls me these days)

Maryam WM BG

Maryam once joined a gym
And liked to show off being slim
Which got some attention

For she forgot to mention
She quit after a day
For Ayra wouldn’t her stay
Wanting to cling to her all day

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If you’re still not impressed enough by my skill set. Please have a look at this video and tell us how cooler or coolest this is. Cuz this can’t just be only COOL. There has to a superlative degree attached to it.

If you are also impressed by our characters and wondering who possibly could make these, her name is Ayesha Khalid and her link is We owe this creativity to her and it is fun to see ubaid mixing his video thing with her character design. She’s a very talented mommy. NCA graduate, currently drawing and animating as a freelancer in Los Angeles and raising her 4 month old son. So please bear with her if she replies you late with your query ok. Try to understand pains of a mommy ?

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