Sunday & Video Requests


Hey everyone,

I guess am going to dedicate Sundays to a complete round up of our week and this blog; it is easy to update the things happening around us. So let’s do a quick update session


Every now and then we keep getting these questions from people, so we decided we will answer them all in one and would keep on doing this once every two months. So anyone who has any sort of question can just post it in the comment section and we shall answer.

Video Requests

I never thought such a thing would happen but we have a long list of people who have requested different types of things but quiet clumsy of us I didn’t really note them at that time so yes we are all up for it. Any certain type of video you want us to do just leave a comment and we will try to do it (no promises, though) but we will try our best.

Khaleej Times Feature

Those of you who follow us on snapchat & Instagram would know that we recently made it to the Khaleej Times; even in little capacity but yes we made it and here’s a snap of it.


By the way that reminds me go and quickly follow me & Maryam on snapchat as well as Instagram our handles are

My snapchat & Instagram: @UbaidUllahAhmed

Maryam’s snapchat: maryam.malick

Maryam’s Instagram: @Maryammalick


Those of you who have asked us that why don’t we do Vlogs; it is not like that we haven’t done it, I have tried that but was never sure if I want to do it or not. So what I will do is will share one of the old vlogs which I made and you can let me know if you wish us to do more of these or not. I think it’s 3-4 months old because Ayra is looking like a small kadduu.



Food Discovery

We love to eat, and for that reason, we usually try to search for new restaurants. This time, we reached a place in Jumeirah with our friends called Swaadish. Won’t really review it because I get to explore a lot of desi food in Sharjah and this one I need to try one more time to give a better opinion but will definitely show you what we tried. We ordered a lot but for me the highlights for the Chicken Tawa Piece & Garlic Nan


The garlic nan was just perfect and the chicken tawa piece if had less haldi would have been the best tawa piece in UAE but would still give it a fair chance by trying it again. Another thing which I tried was their Nutella samosa’s and they were yummy, they come in sets of two and this place is a bit overpriced but do try the Nutella Samosas.


Eat them hot or don’t eat them at all 😀

Maryam’s Fashion Sense

I think Maryam has a good fashion sense and is very sensible in dressing Ayra, but I was shocked to see Ayra as tutti fruity unmatched socks kinda baby. If it wasn’t her cuteness which makes me love her, this was a total fashion disaster.



So that was it for our weekly update, don’t worry we do remember posting new videos and tomorrow a new video would be coming up. Hint: Burger Wars <3

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