At times I feel that all I do is eat; so yes another post which is going to be all about food. For those of you who know what a worldwide insta meet is, would understand easily what was going on but for those who don’t know, worldwide insta meet happens around the globe in different cities where Instagrammers meet up and do small photo walks. This year it was WWIM14 and the theme was food; so we were invited to a place called Paper Fig located in Sharjah and OMG definitely a hidden gem. Obviously, the photo above clears it all how cool the place was, but keeping my style in mind firstly check out the video.

Wasn’t it cool? As you all know am not a food critique or a food blogger am just a guy who LOVES food to the core of his existence so will visually tell the story of food which I adored. I am going to divide the food into categories.


To start off with the breakfast, here is my most favorite thing out of all; the PF French Toast which had a good helping of French Toast served with Cream Anglaise Sphere (the white thing which you pop up), Maple Syrup, Fresh Cream & Strawberries. This is one of the best french toasts I ever had and I swear am not exaggerating, the flavor was exciting and fresh and I can easily say this would be the one major thing though expensive in price AED 46 but will make me visit this place every now and then.



Featuring next is a variety of things. Aubergine, Corn with Citrus & Herbs, Scrambled eggs with beef bacon, toasted sourdough. Didn’t really try it but was able to capture it off while a friend was eating this and thought to show you how this looks.


A close up of Aubergine, yes everything you order is so photogenic/picture perfect or instagram-able (which ever you prefer).


One more thing which captivated me in the breakfast was the Beetroot Hummus Toast, which contained poached eggs, avocado, roasted tomatoes, feta cheese & zaatar


Ayra enjoyed the small bun which came with the coffee, so safely a baby friendly place




Lunch menu which is available at dinner as well, so I will start up with a picture of a feast which has a long list of things ordered by us. To name the things which are a mix of breakfast, lunch & desserts we have the Shakshuka, lemon chicken with coconut jasmine rice, french fries, french toast,  salad, zucchini rolls, coffee, fruit tart and some eclair rolls.


Yes I know it’s an OMG type scene, but don’t worry we didn’t eat this alone. To give us company in this we had the famous food blogger couple @Wheremyfoodat (picture below) so it was easily manageable to eat all this and we made sure we ate it till we looked like stuffed potatoes.


Next one was an instant hit as soon as we laid our eyes on plate. It was the Bolognese Fettuccine which was served with roasted tomatoes & parmesan shavings; it was so pretty that we took a couple of pictures just for the sake of instagram.


and another one a bit up close


There were many other things for lunch but for that, I think I will need to dedicate my website to this restaurant which currently I’m in no mood of, so let’s just move directly to the main thing which they are famous for; the desserts.



The only reason we got the desserts was because we thought they looked pretty, I will keep on mentioning this because for me food should always be captivating. So like I said we selected the desserts ourselves and each and every one of these was like opening a mystery box.


10/10 for the looks, let me give you a side angle of it as well


Yes as soon as you dive in with a fork and put this thing in your mouth you will be left in a heavenly space with lots of crunch with every bite. And do you know what the best thing was? The best thing was that all of their desserts weren’t that sweet, this characteristic is very much important because too much sugar always kills the real taste of the dessert. Showcasing next is the honeycomb Nutella filled don’t really know the name of this thing. The honeycomb was slightly bitter (to perfection) and the filling inside was sweet so you can imagine how the flavors merged with each other.


Okay, I know enough of the food and the pictures, but you know I love clicking. For those of you who don’t know the prices am attaching the menu below; it is a bit expensive considering it is located in Sharjah but if you are willing to spend a good amount at Paul, forget that and come to this place.


Lastly, the service is which gives an extra edge to a place and their staff was friendly and they enjoyed their job, even few of them were willing to let me take a picture there


Their ambiance is amazing, I haven’t been there at night but would recommend you guys to try going for breakfast or lunch and you will end up with such great pictures and a good experience.


Do try this place out once and let us know what you think about it.

Now I am hungry again *sigh*


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