One Meter Kebab at Shayan

Meter Kebab Platter at Shayan

Ever since that first insta-meet at which we were invited to at Al Ghurair Rotana, we were amazed by not only their food, clean and cozy rooms but the hospitality too. For us, hospitable, smiling and courteous staff is a winning point.

I still remember how I replied to the invitation email saying that since I’ll be with a cranky baby so I’ll prefer coming in early to avoid inconvenience to other people and much to my surprise, their digital marketing manager directly asked me that I shouldn’t worry and he’ll take care of my baby while I shoot. That was the moment I knew we are going to have a good relationship with Alghurair. And trust me! they didn’t disappoint me a bit.

Ok so a couple of nights ago, when they launched the meter kebab at their Turkish-Iranian restaurant called Shayan. They invited Ubaid and me at the press event and food tasting. We were already pretty impressed by Shayan’s food quality at our last visit, little did we know that we were in for a surprise.
As soon as we were seated they were well prepared and the starters started flowing in, there was no looking back. Ayra and I were eyeing our food from across the hall and you can see how excited she got when she saw her food arriving.

Ayra 1Ayra

Our server served these scrumptious Arabic starters which by the way Ayra LOVEDDDDD. ‘Borani Esfenaj’(bottom left) stole the show for her. It’s a thick yogurt with fresh spinach and some spices mixed in it, You can tell by her expressions 😀



I really want to go through the appetisers individually but I fear you all will get bored and hate me so I’ll just quickly try naming them all ok? Starting from top left Fattoush, Meat Kibbeh, Borani Esfenaj, Hummus, Mezze with Cheese Filling which was a delicious delicacy with a generous filling of Cheese and lastly Kashk-e-Bademjan which is a mixture of fried egg plant and curd. Not to forget some fresh roti with salad and cottage cheese.

Starter 2

So my dear ladies and gentlemen! Here’s the moment of truth. Hold your breaths with this meter long dish of meaty goodness. Lamb and chicken Overdosing.


To make it less complicated for those who eat different types of meat the One Meter Lamb Kebab was served with Chicken Shish Taouk and Beef Chunks.
It was so beautifully plated, I promise I didn’t want to ruin the looks of it. A bed of Arabic bread, with these three types of meat and to make it a visual treat as well (it was treat for the tongue and stomach already) they garnished it with French fries, pickled whole garlic, grilled tomatoes and green chillies, lemon, rocket leaves, onion, fresh tomatoes & green olives.

Meter Kebab


Ubaid, as we all know, is a dessert person. If it was on him, he would’ve skipped dinner and gotten straight to desserts. But thankfully that didn’t happen.
But when the time came and I actually went to see the desserts selection, even my mouth was watering (it’s a big thing manI’m not a dessert fan AT ALL). There was a huge variety of them but obviously, we could not eat them all so just going to mention few, firstly it was Um-e-Ali (Ubaid loves their Um-e-Ali ) one major reason because they have the right amount of rose essence in it. Other desserts included Chocolate mousse, fruits, Lougamat, Raspberry vanilla soufflé these are a few to name.


By the way in the end after all the hogging, I needed this tea to wash it down 😀


As usual, it was such a nice experience to dine out with a family and especially with a young child who can get cranky without any prior notice but there are a lot of things in the surroundings to keep her occupied. I would most definitely recommend this place to other parents as well. Not only for the food but for the courteous staff and baby friendly environment.

Maryam & Ayra
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