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Yesterday night Google Pakistan decided to do an official ceremony by launching Youtube Pakistan (tweets about it here). While going through the tweets we saw multiple people talking about starting their own channel and to start vlogging in particular. As much as we encourage any and everyone to create content, a major concern came up to us about vlogging. In Past couple of months, I have seen few Pakistanis pulling up a youtube channel and sadly the content was crap for multiple reasons. One of the major reasons being “Lack of consistency”. So Maryam and I thought of making a small video about what we think vloggers should do and don’t while making videos.

Though we have clearly stated in video but will highlight all the points below:

With Power Comes Great Responsibility

Yes, a line which we took from Spiderman but it is true, as soon as you give the remote to an idiot he will surely fiddle around with it; though youtube has been there for ages but as soon as it will become a trend in Pakistan there will be a lot of problems as well. Youtube or even facebook  has global content, our news & media are only good at defaming us on global platforms so now it is the responsibility of every individual content creator to show a better image of Pakistan.

Define Your Audience

Am not against comedians but yes I do think that content which lacks originality is being created; so you need to decide what is your target audience? Do you want to be another channel which picks up concepts from the internet and makes a video out of it or do you wish to create intellectual content which drives you global audience?

There’s no shame in Urdu

I have seen few content makers who are just focussing on English even if they don’t have the right accent for it, they are still trying to go out of their comfort zone and create content in English. Fine even we create content in English and we are pretty average in that but we are sitting in UAE and our non-Urdu/Hindi speaking friends request us to do either in English or bilingual. so rather than doing in Urdu we are bilingual so what I would like to suggest is use the language you are most comfortable with. It doesn’t really matter what people think, be comfortable with your language (YES! I would love to see Punjabi vlogs).

We Don’t Need Another Casey Neistat

I love his vlogs and I think the type of content he creates is amazing but please try to be original, create what you feel like and there are hundreds of style. Check Mooro out or many others they could have easily adopted a style but they didn’t and created the content which has become their signature.

Best Vlogger Award

Be humble, like I mentioned in my video as well, don’t be a Waqar Zaka or Sham Idrees who think that whatever they create or whatever they do is the best; try being humble. That is the best way to succeed. Even once you succeed, be a role model for others, be approachable, understand from where you started, in short, don’t be another celebrity.


We are way behind from the global content creators, all thanks to the ban we had; so it is time to create more content and time to collaborate. If you are a comedian and your friend a good videographer just collaborate; don’t think where it will be uploaded and where not. We Pakistanis need quality content up there and that is the right way to follow.

Don’t Do it For The Money

Yes, many of you who are going to start right now would be starting because of the announcement made by youtube about monetizing but if you really want that to work, you need to create a lot of content. And If you are only focusing on how to earn revenue from it, am telling you there are hundreds of way. But for now, just focus on content creation and the money would follow you.

A small word for musicians in Pakistan; PLEASE CREATE VIDEOS even if it is made with your phone, sync it with your song and don’t let the potential go away from you.

Endorse Wisely

I have seen one of the lamest endorsements from content creators; fine you need money to create content but it is the time to consider the right options. You will eventually end up with good clients but only endorse the brands which you really believe in.

Same is the responsibility of the agencies that try to get the right source of endorsement; don’t make the content creators look stupid.

Golen Rule

This rule I have learnt and heard from all the top creators in the world and it is three words”Keep Uploading Videos”. It doesn’t really matter if the video quality is low or high the only thing which will matter for you is upload the maximum amount of videos you can. It can be one video a week or even daily videos, just be consistent about it.


Do let us know what you think about Youtube Pakistan?


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  1. Great tips guys. As a fellow Pakistani who has been (over)thinking about starting a channel, these tips are definitely helpful and encouraging.

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