I love films which have a sad ending but one thing which I really don’t like is sad & depressing blogs and ironically my blog looks like one of that maray gaye luttay gaye kind of blog. No this doesn’t mean that I don’t support what Maryam wrote in this post; I totally do support that but I am going through one of those phases in my life where I try to find everything positive.

Yes, this time, eid was a little less happening as it was supposed to be because my mom, dad & brother had left for Pakistan but we still tried to pull it off the way we could; so let’s start with the positive things we had this eid.

Ayra trying to pull off a complete model walk (even though she doesn’t really know how to walk as yet)

Ayra ramp walking

Me and Ayra posing, because she loves her father and she just didn’t want to miss out an opportunity of showing off!


Though Maryam was sad but sadness fades away when you have this little thing in hand (yes she nailed the expressions here)

Ayra look book

Of course, the crazy happiness you get when you are in one frame with your family


If this was not enough; the amazing Namkeen Gosht that too home made (by Maryam obviously)


The epicness which this chicken biryani had; for people like me who do not eat GOSHT (yes am one of those; judge me all you want)


Not to forget the complementing Dahi pakoriyan with all this


So yes we did pull off a pretty good and positive eid; we were accompanied by my childhood friend, another family of friends here and my uncle & aunt so it wasn’t really that bad. Being a good husband we did celebrate eid day 2 as well but that by playing FIFA all day and ending up with a dinner date at PF Changs (the pictures for that were on my snapchat & I forgot to save them)


To close this post I will just say; yes everyone does have a reason to be sad but there are always reasons which leave you happy and if your husband is a photographer, you will always end up with a display picture or two 😀



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