People might be thinking that I forgot about The Wedding Handbook, but of course I did not. I was waiting for this post to be completed before I start the whole series; for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, can go and read “The Wedding Handbook“.

*Disclaimer* Before I start this post I want you all to be patient because this post will have loads of images.

So let me begin, when the idea of the wedding handbook came to me I thought let’s just go and start telling the important things but before I started, I thought why not just show you the final outcome of how a wedding looks, visually/digitally. Obviously, you all have seen many weddings but just bare with me to see another one. The wedding I am featuring feats.  Jamila (Fia) and Ikhlas. For background story, Ikhlas lives in the U.S. and Fia lives in the UAE

They booked their wedding photography and video with Beyond The Canvas Studios which I own and the reason why I decided to showcase this wedding is simple; a client which gives you freedom to create is always a great client and we had the freedom to create. So before I start the details; just go through their wedding trailer/highlight.


So hopefully you all are done watching it, now coming to the focus points. A wedding requires a lot of effort from planning to the final product (no am not talking about photography) and for those who live in UAE or wish to have a destination wedding here read below with all the details. Their event was divided into two parts 1 was the mehndi and second Wssa the barat/walima lastly we did a post-wedding shoot just to add a little casual feeling to the video.

The post would focus on the venue, wardrobe & makeup and few ideas for photography.


Venue: Marbella Resort

City: Sharjah

I have been to many venues but this is one hidden place in Sharjah which I would definitely recommend because of being classic and not the typical modern halls.


Fia’s Mehndi Wardrobe: Tia Fashion (price ranging from 1000 – 1800 AED)

Makeup: Fauzia  (price ranging from 500 to 1000 AED)

Styling & Jewelry: Fia did that herself


Ikhlas Vase Coat: Junaid Jamshed

Shalwar Kameez: Local Designer

Kulla: Got it from Karachi

Would leave you with more images from the mehndi for now






Venue: Arjaan Rotana (Media City)

City: Dubai

I enjoy their outdoor pool area for photoshoots, but always think the lighting inside the hall is not that good but is very pretty.


Barat Dress: Mansoor Akram & Amina Yasmeen  (price range 6500 AED to 7500 AED)

Makeup: Magdalena L’shgar (price range 1800 AED – 2500 AED)

Styling & Jewelry: Fia did herself


Ikhlas Sherwani: Junaid Jamshed

Price: 2000 AED

Here are some more pictures from the barat




Post Marriage

This is by far my favorite part of weddings; because the couple is always more relaxed and chilled out. The best thing about doing this one was that Fia & Ikhlas were totally open for ideas so we decided to do it at multiple locations in Dubai.


Outfit: Zara (250 AED)

Shoes: Pedro (240 AED)

Clutch: Nishat Linen (100 AED)

Shades: Call it Spring (70 AED)

Location 1


Location 2


Location 3

This was the most fun and unusual places among all, and I have to give credit to them for trying out different things and hanging on rails and stuff.



You know I care so going to give a sample display of how their final albums came out as well

Wedding Albums


An album for post marriage shoot


Wedding Album

So this is the end of our kick start to the wedding handbook; click on subscribe on the right so you don’t miss out our giveaways as well as more information on how to handle weddings. In the end I always prefer Vimeo videos over anything so would leave you guys with the same video just in better quality. Do lemme know what your opinion about weddings is or something which you would love to know from us.

Tasweer ft. Jamila & Ikhlas – Official Trailer from Ubaid Ullah Ahmed on Vimeo.

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  1. What abt the food menu.. Plus u should give the per head cost of the venues … Otherwise it’s perfect, every time I saw a random persons wedding highlight I wondered abt all these thingys?

    1. Haha, thank you for the comment. By the way, the food menu post would come out soon, and you would be surprised. Would be sharing 7-8 different types of menus as well 😀

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