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I thought we Pakistanis were over with these wedding hypes and following people crazily but I guess we stand at the very same place where we started. Just a few hours back I was scrolling through my feed and realized that there’s a wedding going viral over Instagram & twitter of some people who I didn’t bother searching about with the hashtag #munush (Munib & Anush). It made me realize that weddings are still “THE-THING” in Pakistan. Plus wedding season is right at the corner and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to lecture everyone. Not to forget I am a wedding photographer for years why wouldn’t I want to talk about it.

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So without further delay, let me announce “The Wedding Handbook”, a small journal or you can say set of posts for people who are about to get married, for people who have kids and should start thinking about their wedding, for those who are already married and want to blame us for not coming with this post before their marriage and lastly for those singles who are not interested in getting married but still would read it to kill their time.

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Now when we decided to talk about this there was an issue in who would start the discussion Maryam or Me, but after explaining to her why it is necessary for me to start it off she backed out and obviously now am writing the post. The logical reason is she is a woman, what she wants every other woman wants and I swear these women are not practical when it comes to weddings. It is a thing which means a lot to them, that doesn’t mean it ain’t important for us; it is but we need to see realistic facts with it as well.  You all will be lucky to get two different perspectives of the whole thing from a guys side as well as from her side.

To kick start this thing I am going to mention the points which we will be talking about. You can click on subscribe right now by clicking HERE and scrolling down to the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any important update. Even if you do, just search the category “The Wedding Handbook”. By the way, the order of the things below can be up and down later on, depending on my mood and my will to write. MARYAM IS LAZY I can guarantee she won’t write on time and when I ‘ll start writing she will start dictating.


  • The Wedding Style
  • The Wedding Coordinator (no I can’t be your freaking coordinator, am busy)
  • Shariah Requirement (we don’t want to lose out on religion, or do we?)
  • The Budget (better to think about it or to be Gharib later on)
  • The Wedding Hall (or a marque or even a palace)
  • The Food (I promise I will not let anyone starve)
  • The Decorators (pretty weddings, don’t you want a vogue style bridal shower?)
  • The Things To Keep On A Wedding (obviously, you don’t want the guests to get bored)
  • Time Management (I know this one’s a joke. But we do have readers from all over the world)
  • The Bridal Dress (dresses sss ss when it comes to a desi wedding)
  • The Bride Groom’s Dress (will get a good fashion consultant in don’t worry)
  • Invitation Cards (you have no freaking idea how important they are)
  • Wedding Photography & Video (oh this one’s gonna be at least 6 posts)
  • Makeup artists (freaking important! We all are afraid of reality of our wives)
  • Dowry (to give or not to give that is a question, my friend)

I can’t remember what more I wanted to add to this list, but for now, this is definitely something to look forward to. By the way a cherry on top WE HAVE GIVEAWAYS! Say what? Yes, we have giveaways lots of them from free makeup to photography to bridal dress vouchers to what not. So if you are living in UAE or Pakistan, you are going to be lucky and we also would be thankful to you guys for reading this.

*On side notes! Are you a blogger? Do you want to write about the same thing? Go ahead my friend it’s an open universe we never mind if people talk about the same thing*

You know how much we care about how the blog looks so we will add in a special trailer for you guys for this upcoming segment.

The Wedding Handbook – Trailer

Lastly, if you have a wedding right up the corner go join and start their wedding checklist. It is great for people who love to keep things under control.



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