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Every now and then directors keep on making films based on true stories or adaptations from them; Rustom is another film which director Tinu Suresh Desai adapts from the very famous case of K.M. Nanavati v. the State of Maharashtra. Wouldn’t go into many details because if you are reading this obviously you have seen the trailers of the film and wish to watch the movie. The film stars Akshay Kumar as Rustam Parvi while Ilena D’Cruz plays as Cynthia Parvi; Rustam’s wife and the women who cheat on him with Vikram Makhija played by Arjan Bajwa.

Coming straight to the point; as soon as the movie starts the glamor of the navy is shown and that is the point when I start recalling films by Akshay Kumar such as Baby & Special 26 and keeping my fingers crossed for an amazing journey which this movie will hold for me. To my surprise even after being in denial till half of the film and waiting until the end, the film fails to leave a mark of being a good film. Yes, Rustom is not one of the films which will join the league of films like Special 26, Baby, Holiday, Airlift or other serious films Akshay has done; and not because he didn’t act well. But just for the reason that the director couldn’t direct it properly.

The film is divided into five parts. The first part being Akshay Kumar in his naval appearance, his love for his country and the decorum which comes with his post as a commander in the Indian army. Second the love between Rustom and his wife, the lovely scenes they share and the songs which are amazing. Third, the court trial and the way the whole proceedings are being handled. Fourth of the Erach (played by Kumud Mishra) and his lust to earn money while keeping his loyalty to Parsi community. Fifth and the last of Inspector Lobo’s obsession to provide justice and to research while putting in a lot of effort to solve this case. To make it obvious it was the court case which according to me was very funny which put me off; fine I understand they didn’t wish to keep the film too serious but having seasoned actors playing the judge and prosecution lawyer while doing a comedy was just bit off for me. While the jury played by extras who are nodding to everything was just plain stupid.

If you may have noticed I haven’t talked about Esha Gupta who played Vikram Makhija’s sister; yes because her plastic face which reflected the depiction of the society for me was way too obvious; not once you feel sorry for her for losing a brother and to me it was not natural. Fine everyone can understand that she is playing a negative role but the lack of realism on her face was where she lacked as a character.


Talking about acting; Akshay Kumar did a fantastic job but nothing which we haven’t seen before. Ilena D’cruz played her roll well she looked beautiful and carried the accent she intended to carry. Esha Gupta not much of a fan of her in this role. Arjan Bajwa as a villain somehow never appealed me but I think he did his job well; you would always hate his presence on the screen and that is what his role demanded. Pawan Malhotra is a powerful actor and yet again he delivers well.


Music of this film has been done by multiple people including Ankit Tiwari, Raghav Sachar, Jeet Ganguli and Arko Pravo Mukherjee; we all know is great. Though to disappoint you from the start the song “Tay hai” is missing from the movie. So we all love the music but I need to talk about the background music which was bad; like seriously bad. I just couldn’t understand why they had to make the music so obvious; fine we effing understand that Arjan is a villain why do you need to play a certain music to prove that he is a villain let it roll bro! But no they need to play a villain score whenever he comes or whenever something wrong is being done.

My Opinion

Overall no matter how much I wanted this film to be good; and I preferred watching this before Mohenjodaro. The film lacked the mastery of a finished good product; it’s not like the actors couldn’t pull it off nor the story was bad, it was just the screenplay and direction which couldn’t impress me. The first half would bore you and one of the songs would feel if it is out of place but just wait for the second half it isn’t that bad.

Would give it 2 out of 5 stars and would love to hear what you guys have to say about it.

Enjoy the song “Tay hai” while you book your tickets for the film. Yes, do watch it just because Akshay Kumar is in the film and we want him to do more of serious films.

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