The Real Ullahs – Ubaid style introduction!

The Real Ullahs Youtube

Everybody has their own style of introduction on blogs maryam did a complete post on “Peeking Into Our Life“; am a video enthusiast and for me, most of the things relate to how they can be converted into video. So before I start with anything you can see our introduction in the form of video.

I hope you are done with the video but what you don’t know is that this is not only an introduction video; this is our two years of journey with each other after being married and this is the journey which lead us to where we are right now. And to spice up the things a bit, we are introducing to you our youtube channel and would try to do vlogging at least once a week! Couple goals right? So share some love with us and just go and subscribe to our channel The Real Ullahs on Youtube.



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  1. Hey guys . May Allah bless your family. Maryam when you were crying holding your baby, it reminded me when my baby was born. I guess all mothers share the same journey.

    1. Hey Mariam, it was so funny as well as heart warming to see her like that. What a day it was and yes I think every one gets the same feeling that day.

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