10 Reasons to #PassASmile

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So woke up to this trend on Twitter by lays Pakistan of #PassaSmile. I was amazed to see how passing a smile to make a girl think you’re a flirting can mean so much to someone or when the jokes will be on you when you’ll ring somebody’s doorbell really hard In hopes to run away and but the rainy season will have something else in its mind.

I thought to myself. Woah!! The world really needs saving. And lays really need guidelines lol.
When there are hundred and one positive things around us to pass a smile why just choose to “#passASmile just cuz India also loses” or “#PassASmile kion k hansi to phansi”
Yup, they are real tweets of people.

So here is our video take on why to #PassASmile since we are the video kinda peepalzz.



1 – #PassASmile because you are alive and have a family with you

Pass A Smile 1

Cuz there’s nothing worse than being alone in perdes and no one to lean onto when you’re missing your home country, family or friends.

2 – #PassASmile because you don’t owe anything to the world

Pass A Smile 2

Just like this little boy. Minding his own pappars, strolling in the sun and no rat’s bum to give to anyone.

3- #PassASmile because you are lucky to try so much food

Pass A Smile 3

Out of all the gifts that Allah has given us, the sense of taste is one of them, nothing like a good looking, good tasting food to fill your stomach with (Alhumdulilah)

4- #PassASmile because the world is beautiful

Pass A Smile 4

Have you ever gotten a chance to see something as beautiful as marine life or the green mountains or the blue waters? isn’t it an enough reason to pass a smile?

5- #PassASmile because someone somewhere prays for you

Pass A Smile 5

aren’t we all thankful for our parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, who pray for us day and night and how their prayers and wishes have changed the course of our life. Just sheer beautiful if you think about it.

6- #PassASmile because you are useful and productive

Pass A Smile 6

Remember when your teachers in high school used to tell you that kuch faida nahi in khel tamashon mai waqt zaya karny ka, kuch parh lo, yehi cheezein kaam ati hain?  well they were damn right. be grateful for every assignment you do, every task you finish and every project that you ace.

7-#PassASmile because this world definitely needs more happy people

Pass A Smile 7

Isn’t there enough hatred, tension, poverty, war and dirty politics around us? Maybe our one smile can make someone’s day?

8- #PassASmile because no one can stop you from smiling

Pass A Smile 8

Nothing can beat your spirit. Not poverty, not war, not discrimination, not illness nothing really if you don’t let it to.

9- #PassASmile because you are healthy

Pass A Smile 9

Remember when you caught a cold this winter? How you couldn’t taste anything or simply got out of bed to use the loo? a simple sounding illness takes so much toll on you, imagine what a (God forbid) slightly serious illness does to the patients.

10- #PassASmile because God has given you qualities to inspire someone somewhere, somehow

Pass A Smile 11



Don’t ever take yourself light or think of yourself as a useless creature. you’re not. Maybe you have something that is inspiring someone somewhere? It can even be your pet, trust me on this.

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