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14th August (5)

Many of us don’t live in Pakistan and there are hundred and ten reasons for it but won’t go into the details of why not. I was sitting with Maryam watching tv where the new sooper commercial was playing and we were like good yaar this is so amazing; too bad that Ayra would never be able to understand how we feel about Pakistan. When I say how we feel about Pakistan am sure there are many reasons we are not fond of it either but that doesn’t really mean that we stop loving it.

14th August (6)

So pulling up our socks we decided that this time, we will celebrate 14th August over here. Even if a small thing we will definitely do a celebration; so I went to the Pakistani store got some badges, flags for our home, but as soon as I got them we were like damn how would we make her understand she is just too little for it. So we came to a simple conclusion, that every year we will make a video of Pakistan so no matter what happens she will know that there is a thing called 14th August and my parents celebrate it and when time comes she will understand our love for the country and she will hopefully start loving it too.

Would love to know from all of you, how you guys make you children understand what Pakistan is?

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Pakistan Yaad Aata Hai ft. Lame Brown DudeIt doesn’t really matter if you are in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world; its just the love of your country which makes you do crazy things.
So here’s the video of our small attempt which we will do every year to make our daughter understand sooner or later what Pakistan is for us.

Special thank to Ali Sufian Wasif “Lame Brown Dude” for collaborating with us along with all our friends who participated in this.

You can read all about it here:

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p.s. Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak

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