Mom’s day Out (ALMOST)

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So fellow mommies.

Photo 8-19-16, 3 33 06 PMThe whole purpose of this meetup for me was to socialize with such people who will exactly know your struggles and efforts. Who know that whatever you’re doing to your baby, must be in his/her best interest. Talking about postpartum depression and the things that made you hit the rock bottom while pregnancy or post-delivery. Dealing with health and fitness issues etc etc. Since there were mothers with kids of different age groups, it was nice to get tips from the mothers who have already been through the phases very recently that other mothers are going at this very moment, for example one mum had a 4-year-old so she had been through the teething and sleep regression and because they’re of the same age group and living in the same conditions like us so their advice makes sense to us. We can relate to it because we are witnessing it firsthand.  I personally think new mothers must must have a support group like this who she can go to for post-partum advice, ego boost, where they can vent after a long day with baby alone in the house and no one to help or understand the frustration you get when a baby is colic and cries non stop. I don’t know about other people but I guess I need it for myself every once in a while.

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Last night we had a blast at this little mommy meetup we had arranged at a nearby mall. It was so great to see so many mommies actually making an effort to come either alone by metro or with husbands and babies. I dragged Ubaid along too because I know whenever I make him drop me to meet my friends the first thing he asks me or frown upon is WHAT AM I GONNA DO THE WHOLE TIME YOU’RE GONE? So I tackled this situation first and then made a plan with the girls later that Ubaid can give company to them, while we girls can rant about our babies poop habits, sleep routines and eating habits. And how we never have time for ourselves or meet people who don’t judge you if your eyebrows are uneven or your arms are unwaxed. You have dark circles under your eyes and you could only manage to put a lip-gloss with a foundation and that too in the car. So initially I thought I would only be able to gather like about 5-6 mommies since all the kids have their own routines and mood and often the people living away from their families make their kids their clock and go by it the whole day.


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But to our surprise, as soon as I made the group, alottttt of girls from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman actually inbox messaged me saying that we want to join the meet up too and one by one we were almost 15 mommies at the actual day of the meetup. Not to forget its original date was 3rd august and it happened on 15th august. Not bad yeah? After a lot of compromises on time, date, venue and husbands coming late from work issues, we pulled off this one. It was so good to have our kids meet their future play dates. The best part was it was no one was giving an eye to each other for the crying, cranky babies.

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Here are a few pictures. I hope you guys will understand how in all the pictures at least one of us is not looking in the camera or has a demented face. Try to understand guys!! It’s motherhood. It makes you forgot about your own self.

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If you’re a mommy and reside around Dubai/Sharjah or Ajman we would love to have you at our next meetup. You can reach to me via my facebook or email <3

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  1. Lovely post Maryam! It is necessary for mommies to hang out and find someone with whom they can get genuine advices and support. And your post retold me that I haven’t mingle with my friends for so long.

    1. hey Mariam!
      I know!! it is sooo important and after thi meetup we all felt so light and fresh. We were already planning for the next one there. And girl! you meet up with your friends, You deserve it and need it.

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