How To Get A Free McChicken Burger in Dubai

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Some people have the misconception that we eat healthy, so without any sugar coated words I thought to clear that out before the post starts. Yes, it is Monday that means our weekly video is supposed to be up and knowing how caring we are we thought we would let you guys know how to get a free McChicken Burger in Dubai from Mcdonalds while sitting at home. Watch the video below to be on track:

If you guys follow us right I guarantee that you guys would be getting a free McChicken. No, we aren’t giving such food to Ayra, so moral police kindly bash us later. To make it more fun we challenge you guys to make a response video about your favorite fast restaurant. It can be any place even pictures would do, let’s see how many different kind of Halal McChicken or other McDonald burgers can we find. Just to tempt you again see the picture of the burger again


By the way, we would be doing these food wars on a continuous basis and would be searching all over UAE for the best fast food burger joint as well as other good eateries. But help us out here, tell us what do you want us to try next?

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