How To Feed Your Baby A Cupcake


Feeding a baby is a tiresome job and we can never emphasize less on it, but this time it’s not about feeding a baby which matters it’s about Me & Maryam and our daily drama. So those of you who know Maryam, know really well that she doesn’t have a sweet tooth nor she favors kids getting any artificial sugar. While me being me; I have a sweet tooth and I love any type of dessert.

After this long explanation am sure you already understood the point where this is leading to; I and Maryam did a test if Ayra will like the cupcake or not and see what results came just view the video below. Before moral police start criticising and educating us; she is 11 months old and YES we do care about her don’t worry the child is in safe hands. Plus these cupcakes are homemade and made by mom; you can check out her page on facebook =>

What is the weirdest thing have you fed your child till now? We would love to know that.

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  1. What is the point in feeding a cupcake to a baby….???.I thought your blog was about nutrition and dissuading parents from making their kids “junkies”.

    1. Hey, Shabnam; everyone does have a different opinion about this. So to make you understand me and my wife are absolutely against kids being junkies. We hate the fact that many mommies indulge their kids in fast food but at the very same time, we do believe a balance of everything is necessary. The cupcakes we gave to Ayra were home made, we only use dark chocolate and would recommend you the same plus the top cream is unwhipped and without any sugar too.
      Will definitely share the recipe with you, but let kids be kids. The video was only on the basis of humour; if we stop letting them have fun in life they will never be able to explore and I certainly don’t want our daughter as a robot.

      Keep following.

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