#eatUAE – The Introduction

Youtube Elgreco 2

It’s still hot here in UAE, but we just can’t stop loving food and those of you who know about our food page Cultural Food Revolution , yes we just introduced another thing on that. Though just launched its second episode but wanted to be absolutely sure before I mentioned it here.

The initiative is called  #eatUAE and yes it’s all about food and discovering places. It’s been almost 2 years since we moved here and we realised that there are just too many options for good undiscovered food; even if it’s not good there is still too many options. So we started this initiative, every week we will be discovering a new place. No we won’t be judgemental as taste is subjective, everyone can have a different taste but what we will do is showcase the restaurants.

Let me show you all the first two episodes

#eatUAE – El Greco (E01)

Location: Jumeirah, Dubai.
Cuisine: Greek

#eatUAE – Pak Liyari Restaurant (E02)

Location: Naif, Dubai.
Cuisine: Pakistani

I really think this project would be beneficial for the tourist who want to be food focused and would like to try out different places but don’t know much about it; also for those who are living here in UAE but don’t know much. To be honest, most of the places are new for us, so the discovery goes in every way.

p.s. We would love to get your recommendations; as well as any specific place you would want us to visit just leave the name of that in the comments below. 

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    1. These are more famous and prime locations which everyone know about, will showcase a mandi place which is not that common here. And let me try to find a better alternative to donee kebab.

      Thanks for the suggestions though

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