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What had totally swept me off my feet was weaning. It was by far the hardest thing. I was thinking breastfeeding would be hard, but I went through it so easily and kinda enjoyed it too. For those who know Ubaid and his eating habits would know how hard he is to please and what a picky eater he is. I didn’t know that a FEW things that Ayra has taken from Ubaid (sarcasm intended, she’s a living breathing carbon copy of Ubaid) it was the last thing that she could’ve taken, but she did. No matter how much I deny it, she just has to prove me wrong that she wants to be Ubaid, not LIKE Ubaid, or KINDA like Ubaid, she just wants to be him. AND SAD TO ADMIT, she has succeeded in it.

From being stubborn and hard headed to this picky eating habit, The love for sweets and hate for bananas. I’m amazed how genes work.

So when I started weaning her, she just plainly refused to eat anything savory, khichri, boiled potatoes, boiled carrots (raw carrots and cucumbers are fine as long as we let her eat those herself) I then put her on store bought baby food like Banana puree, vanilla custard, cerealac  and that’s where I went wrong. Doctors are absolutely right when they tell us that start weaning from savory/vegetables and not sweet or fruits. I didn’t pay heed to anyone and today I’m going through hell, not even kidding. Miss Ayra just won’t open her beautiful mouth for any sort of steamed vegetable, lentil, khichdi etc. she just eats fruits and yogurt and nothing else. She has officially taken her love for the fruits to a whole new level where she can only eat khichri when I squeeze half an orange on it. Would only eat porridge with mango puree, suji with apple purée, boiled macaroni’s with mango as well and there’s a never ending list of her SPECIAL FOODS. It’s always me and her grandfather who finish her rejected khichri that I make with so much effort and love; But nah! There’s no place in the world for love I guess huh.

One of the biscuits she loves
One of the biscuits she loves

So my next question was since she’s 10 months old now MashaALLAH, and she is more mobile than ever, she crawls, plays, jumps, walk with support, she burns so much calories, even more than she’s even taking, let’s just face it, no matter how much healthier the fruits are, they just can’t replace a wholesome meal. They don’t have that kind of carbs and calories and fats that are essential after burning the energy. For snacks she eats Heinz biscuits, peach chunks, apple chunks or carrots. but for lunch or dinner, fruits or fruit puree is what he prefers. And being a chicken-hearted mom I don’t force her too much to eat anything else.

What I did then, I went out on a baby food hunt. Spinneys, Waitrose, Carrefour, union cop, hyper panda. And off course also online.

I shortlisted all the baby foods which were claiming to be all organic with zero preservatives, artificial sugar, artificial flavor etc. I don’t mind gluten in the food so I really didn’t bother looking for that.

There were a few nice options that I liked. Like Ella’s kitchen, Buddy fruits (daily fruit essentials) and Heinz organic (the pouch packs with a nozzle)

I bought two different flavors of each. Savory and fruity.

Off course madam ate all the fruity flavors with zero fuss straight off the pack but puked out all the vegetable flavors. Then I went again to look for other Ella’s flavors and suddenly it hit me, that if they’re all natural why shouldn’t I make them with a little twist like adding rice, porridge, bread etc. in fruit puree to make it a dinner and it stays longer in her stomach.

With that thought, I just left the idea of feeding her vegetables (she’s been teething and occasionally refuses fruits too and just takes milk the whole day so I thought let’s not push her).


Here are a few recipes that I tried on my lab rat (read ayra) and she absolutely loved it.

I’ll write a recipe of khichri too that she hates (but it’s oh so yum) in my next post.

Here you guys go:


Mango with rice


Mango = 1 small sized

Brown/white rice = umm about 2 oz. (I’m imagining the feeder and how much two oz. is lol)

Water = to boil these two


Please peel the mango, dice it, and shove it in the pan. Wash the rice, strain them, put them I’m in the pan with mangos, and pour some water (enough to cover them fully and a little higher actually)

Now cover it with the lid (half cover) put these on a medium flame.

Keep boiling until the rice is soft and mango is fully cooked. I think I have a picture somewhere as well to show you the consistency and shakal that how its gonna look.

I didn’t add any sugar or salt in it even then it was so sweet and filling. With these ingredients you can make around 3 servings, I fed her one and froze the other two in zip lock bags lol. When I want to feed her, I just put those zip lock bags in hot water until they defrost and give it to ayra.

The second recipe is Apple and suji with a little brown sugar


Apple With Suji Mix


Butter = 1 tbsp.

Brown sugar = 1/2 tsp (I had put quarter, im kind of freaky)

Semolina/suji = 1/4 cup

Apple = 1/2 small size (peeled and cut in cubes)

Water = 1 cup

Milk = ½ cup


In a pan put semolina and cook it until it changes its color from off-white to gold and it starts smelling nice (don’t burn it girls be careful)

Now add brown sugar and keep stirring it, remove it from the flame. Add butter and stir again.

Now put one cup water, the apple and put it on medium flame again. Keep cooking until semolina becomes a bit bigger in size, apple becomes mushy. And the consistency is thicker like custard.

That’s when you can tell it’s ready

I know it’s hard to imagine and recreate without a video tutorial. So I’m making this for you guys. If you want me to make the other as well; just leave me a comment and will get its video ready. Till then here’s the recipe for Apple & Suji Mix


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