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First of all lemme wish you all Ramadan Mubarak. So few days back me & my wife were invited to Al Ghurair Rayhaan & Al Ghurair Arjaan by Rotana for the Pre-Ramadan event to showcase their Iftari and essence of Ramadan.

So before I start talking about it, let me explain what they have. Firstly they have Liwan Restaurant, which has all the live food stations and is extremely cool, containing international cuisine and their Iftari being set for a price of AED 139. Secondly they have Shayan Restaurant which has a mix of Lebanese and Iranian buffet with a starter of kebab platter and amazing live music (check vlog), priced at AED 149. So the post ahead would be divided in two:

Liwan Restaurant

Personally this has always been one of my go to places for lunch because of its ambience and the light which falls from its window; being a photo enthusiast this kind of things attract me so much. So when I was invited for iftari over here obviously how could I say no. Though was not able to try much of their food as had my dinner at Shayan but would be heading out soon to try this one. Few of the things which attracted me a lot was firstly the ambience you have to check it out the epicness of it.






Coming to the food, like I said I didn’t try much but did try their biryani which attracted me. Another thing which looked amazing was the the way they had presented the juices and salads. Oh and to add a superior thing for people like me who love shewarma; they had a complete live station for it. While the savoury was tempting the desserts for me were average in looks would have to go again and try these to give a better opinion about it. Don’t worry I managed to take picture of the food for you guys.







For AED 139 this does look great, so those of you who plan to visit it do update me what you think about it.

Shayan Restaurant

Coming towards the next restaurant in their portfolio which I preferred having food in is Shayan, having Lebanese & Iranian food. I have a confession to make before I had food and looked at the food I was not that intrigued. My comment to Maryam was it looks okayish I hope it lives up to its hype. OH BOY I WAS WRONG! The food was amazing and like I did above before food will show you its ambience. They did have a guy who was playing live music too who was great (see the vlog).






So where was I, yes the food! Oh my good from hummus to the salads to the gravies it was great. Though I wish they had more chicken dishes for people like me who survive on chicken but would forgive them for that. Yes I will not forget about the desserts; I love Umm-e-Ali but sadly very few people can make good Umm-e-Ali and this place comes in my instant favorite. One major reason for it is because they added rose essence in it which binged up the taste. No, other desserts weren’t bad they were as good. My favorite few desserts have their picture down.









This all for AED 149 but don’t worry I will mention you something epic which will make your day. They do have some promotions going on which i received in my email.

1) 50% OFF Coupon for Iftar at Liwan and Shayan –

2) Regular Promotion Details for Iftar at Liwan and Shayan –

3) Promotion Details for Corporate or Group Iftars at Al Khor Ballroom –

So go ahead and try it; don’t forget to let me know your experience. I maybe not that good in judging food but am great in enjoying it and capturing it so would love to hear your story. If you want to watch the Vlog of this day just go to and enjoy the show.

Plus a special thanks to Al Ghurair Rayhaan & Al Ghurair Arjaan Rotana team for having us there.

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