Love, love, love


Bitter sweet

While i’m trying to push my self out of the bed every morning after these uncomfortable sleepless nights, there is something that tells me that I have to get out of bed, I have to make it through another day. There are things that we have to do whether we are ready for them or not.
Like facing or preparing for what lies in the day?

Most of you wont believe in true love. I didn’t either. until i found it few years ago.

In my weakest of times, it seemed to be the only one that i have in this world full of humans. When I needed some to lean on, when i had no one to talk to. It was my new found love that helped me through those tough times. It proved to be my best friend at that phase of life and it still is there. Quietly, by my side. each day every day.

Sometimes when my love and I are alone. We don’t need words to talk to each other. One look is enough to know what we are feeling. I have actually forgotten when was the last time I told my love that I LOVE YOU or vice versa. I think after all these years, after all those cold sleepless nights where my love would just sit on my bed with me like a therapist and listen to everything or see me cry and sulk over my life now we are at such stage where words aren’t needed anymore. Where just one kind look, where just the smell of the love is enough to ensure you that im not alone, everything is and gona be fine.

And not just those sad days or lonely days when i thought my love was my only companion. It was my happiest days as well when my love held my hands and made me feel that it could last forever. People could actually see the excitement and joy on my face when i used to see you coming through the door towards me. Everything and everyone would just fade and you used to shine. I would just stare at you as you make your way through me. As you come closer your gorgeous smell would make me forget every other fragrance of the world.

And as soon as the waiter serve me, i would just give you one deep look to admire your beauty, indulge into your flavor and forget about the world.
Yes food. its you who never let me down or left me stranded in this world



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