Biryani Flavors

A lot has happened in these past few days, my mom and brother have shifted over here. I am trying to get my ramadan routine sorted out which I fail, travel things are going along. With that another big announcement is that am helping my mom out with her new venture which she started here in UAE. Its a home based food studio (I swear it sounds so fancy) but no; to make you simply understand what this is check her instagram account which is @DubaiFlavors 


Chicken Bombay Biryani
Bori Chicken Skewers


Dahi Bharay (Mash Ki Daal ones)

If this doesn’t make your mouth water am sure the cakes collection on her instagram would; so all of you who are living in Dubai or Sharjah and are confused from where to get home cooked food and desserts, this is the place where you guys need to contact.

By the way while this is happening in UAE, the other side of the story is in Pakistan where I am getting the music done remotely for my documentary. Quiet nervous about it as well as excited, need lots of support for that and with this am out!

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