Best Burger in Dubai City Walk

NYC Burger

The biggest fact of life is that everyone has to eat and another fact to this is that I LOVE TO EAT. In the search of this craving, we came across a place with the name of Burger Joint New York. Which finally opened up in UAE. The branch which I visited was the one in City Walk (Wasl Road) not sure if they have any more in Dubai or not. No fancy menu, no too many options of food just simple and street style.

Cost saving on menu card as well

Since I am guilty of loving chicken more than anything in the world, so obviously I ordered the Southwest Chicken which had cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard with an addition of jalapeno for me. In their usual combination they have a beef bacon instead of jalapenos. With this I ordered the plain french fries as my daughter loves eating them.

I feel like eating this again

Without going in the details of food I would like to make a disclaimer that the ambience was amazing. Infact the best thing about it was that this was done by their staff and people who visited this place. They hand in the markers and pens allowing us to do scribble where ever we feel like it. That made us go crazy all over the place.

So coming back to the sandwich, if you think that this is too simple and anyone can make it, I would agree yes! anyone and everyone can make it but the reason why I would still prefer going here will be

  • The temperature on which they grill the chicken (perfect, no rubber or under cooked chicken)
  • The quality of pickles they used
  • The sauces they mixed
  • And not to forget the most amazing staff who were courteous enough to win our hearts.
One of our servers who posed for us

We paid our bill which was around 350 AED which included 6 sandwiches, 2 fries, 3 drinks so it was mid range pricing, costing almost 70 AED per head (burger+fries+drink). Yet the day was saved, thanks to our lovely friend Entertainer Dubai we got 3 burgers for free and we ended up paying only 190 AED which felt k3wL!
So after paying the bill we left and realised we forgot to have the dessert, while looking for other places we thought lets go back and try their dessert too. So we went back and they only had one option: brownie with ice cream. I thought it was good because of the quality of chocolate they had used. It came with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. The only down side of this was that the brownie was not heated properly and would have tasted better if it was hot. So that is the only thing you need to remember.

Lastly for those who prefer going out with families, I would like to tell you that don’t be afraid; even though our kids made a mess and were all over the place, their staff was patient enough to handle that pressure making our experience more amazing.

Ayra enjoying her time at the Burger Joint

Oh yeah we got our shoot done there as well, using a friends camera. Thank you yasir for lending us your camera.


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