A Morning With Costa Coffee UAE

Am I a coffee drinker? No not at all; I am a guy who is full desi and loves tea. Yes i am chai drinker but would that stop me from going to coffee shops NO NEVER!!! Because I love I seriously love all the lawazmats (sandwiches, pastries etc) they have at coffee shops to make my love more epic Costa Coffee UAE called me up to make my friday amazing. I think someone called them up or they dreamt that ubaid loves deserts plus he loves taking pictures so to make my friday epic they kept an Instameet at Madinat Jumeirah on a friday which kicked off early in the morning with the tasting session of their Limited Edition Roast, Old Paradise Street No. 1.

So Instagrammers from across the UAE gathered up and did a small photowalk with the concept of of Celebrating colours. The best thing I liked about the whole thing was spending time while shooting with my daughter

Ayra ruining their props
Oh any ayra knows everyone over their so let me introduce you the top two favorites over there
Meet Pooja; pooja is a nice girl, pooja likes ayra, pooja was being tortured by ayra, but since pooja is nice so she never complained. Don’t be annoyed with kids and be like Pooja
And pooja loves reading she came to the meet to read her book (obviously I won’t read such a book)
No pooja is not the only one time to introduce Ayra’s favorite friend and an amazing girl working for digital agencies and rocking it.
Meet Joy! She is amazing
So the question comes up why am I introducing people to you, because those of you who will subscribe and read my blog should know whose who as you will have to see their faces every now and than (am not kidding, and this is my sasta way to explain you that you need to subscribe)
So me, ayra and maryam had a lovely time yes we are lovely funny people who love having lovely times because there is so much love around and that love should not lead to reduce the love so we keep on having lovely times to make this love grow more lovely. *shit*
Okay I will just stop; by the way one of my favorite pictures which I took is this
By the way did I suggest you guys that if you want to take amazing pictures JUST GO TO THIS PLACE ON A FRIDAY.
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