Ubaid & Maryam in a duppata

Wha???? We thought you knew us.

Well most of you who will initially land onto our website will already be knowing us one way or the other. If you’re new, we don’t mind introducing ourselves (that’s how social we are 😀 )


Kadu With Ubaid
The Real Ullahs

So the baba bear you’re seeing in the picture above is Ubaid, the ship captain of Ullah Inc. LOL I just made this up ha-ha. He’s a photographer and videographer by profession, highly addicted to food (yup, that’s a thing as well try to understand please) and loves playing peeka boo with our daughter. Marketing and media graduate, tech genie, spend thrift, movie buff and Ps4 deewana are his major traits.

Now the flawless beauty, milky skin, radiant eyes, silky hair adding stars to the beauty, the smile that can melt hearts, heart as clear as crystal is ME, ha-ha again lol, I’m kidding off course that’s my daughter Ayra. She’s also an eating addict but her eating is strictly limited to non-food objects, like her skin care tubes, her pacifier hook, TV remote, her toes, tissue, plastic bags, spoons and empty plastic glasses Masha Allah -.- in her spare time she likes to sing along the poems (mostly it’s us who are singing) pointing at stuff, going out and about UAE.

And last off course what’s left is me -.-

Sleep enthusiast, high level slacker/procrastinator, wanna be social media celebrity (in hopes that one day I’ll be one if I start sleeping less and working more) whatsapp hogger, fries lover are few words that can explain my personality. You may almost always find me kissing my daughter like there’s no tomorrow, watching funny videos on Facebook/YouTube every single goddamn night or singing. Yup! You heard it right, Singing. I’ll sing for you all one day inshAllah. I promise 😛 Now a little background of us.

Ub and I got married in May 2014, after which I moved to Lahore. Spent the craziest and the best 9 months of my life with friends like family who made Lahore my home away from home very easily. Reza family that didn’t let me drown into home sickness for more than two hour. Maryam was always a call away and aunty was just way too kind to drop her every time we both needed a break or wanted to vent out (in other words, bitch about the world lol). my boys Ameen, Mueez and Usman without whom my weekends were  gloomy as hell and I would always look forward to weekends for our sheesha parties, them being my food critics and Usman to take the role of a saas and criticise each and every bit of our home, manners, safai and what not, God How much I miss them. Nabeel, for always lending me his shoulder to vent on and presenting his POOP jokes every now and then. Huzaifa and Abdullah for making me laugh till my sides hurt and I could laugh no more, a toast to our road trips and train trip to Karachi. I couldn’t be anymore grateful to these people to who never even once let me drench into sadness that usually girls feel right after shadi.

BTC Ex Team
Beyond The Canvas Studios Ex team, sadly now all have gone their own way.

In January, Ubaid flew to Dubai alone. That’s when we found out that we were expecting our baby. Yes as you know good times don’t really stay for long, so it was time. Time to make our move to UAE. Leaving all our loved ones behind in March 2015 establish our business here. Alhamdulillah we were blessed with our daughter in October the same year and ever since, our lives have taken a 360 degree turn. Ubaid has become unstoppable professionally Masha ALLAH. And I have become unfixable lazily 😛

We have met a lot of great people here; made really good friends & tried to start our life here as it was back in Lahore. And to our surprise we are slowly getting to that point Alhamdulillah. It’s a kind of shout out to all our friends here in UAE who have supported us morally, emotionally, creatively and made settling here with a family a bit easier. You all know who you are <3





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    1. Hehe thanks Sid. So glad you like my style and so grateful that you took out time to reply even. Means alot ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  1. I wish after a couple of years you two grow more, improve a lot and become more famous .. then I will ask you guys to do wedding shoot of my kids’ wedding ?‼️

    1. Haha InshaAllah InshaAllah. And umm. For your kids’ wedding please book me now. I don’t wana turn you down after I’m famous and all booked. Lolll.

  2. Wow you guys are love <3 am expecting nd you know what so interesting. Is my laptop,& cell phone completely full with ayra's pics masha Allah she is so cute nd don't know why whenever I see her I feel love….may Allah bless her and you too….<3

    1. Aww zunaira. You’re so kind to love Ayra like this. Good luck and lots and lots of prayers for you. May Allah bless you with a healthy normal baby Ameen. When are you due?

  3. Aww love each and every detail of your wonderful life. Even i am crazy about travelling. Loved just loved your vlog about maldives. ?
    Best of luck for your future sweets

    1. Thank you so much Aisha!!!! And Maldives Vlog. The video hasn’t done even 2 percent justice to what we actually experienced. Thank you for watching the video and taking out time for this comment. Means a lot to me.

      1. U r most welcome! I will always always wait for your videos for you guys make the video so interesting and entertaining! I defo wait for your another travel vlog! Best of luck sweet pea!

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